Below are the information gathering worksheets that were discussed during the Planning Partnership Kickoff Meetings on November 18 and 19, 2020. Municipal officials should download, complete, and return Worksheets 1-6 to Melissa Calhoun (Erie County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services) and/or Tony Subbio (Tetra Tech, Inc., our contracted consultant) by Tuesday, December 22, 2020.

Melissa Calhoun:

Tony Subbio:

Here is a summary of each worksheet:

  • Worksheet Outline – identifies local officials who might be involved in completing each of the worksheets.
  • Worksheet 1 – Evaluation of Identified Hazards and Risks – to report how the municipality’s risk from different hazards has changed over the last few years. Please note how your municipality’s vulnerability has changed, and identify any additional hazards you think we should examine. Also, please provide some details on how the events listed impacted your municipality, and identify any other hazard events that impacted you.
  • Worksheet 2 – Capability Assessment and Integration – to report what plan, regulations, staff, financial, and other capabilities the municipality has to implement hazard mitigation. Please identify how each regulation, local law, or plan relates to other plans/regulations/laws you have in place. In the comments box under each item, please identify how these plans/programs/etc. might help reduce long-term vulnerability in your community. Please identify the resources you have available.
  • Worksheet 3 – NFIP Floodplain Administrator Questionnaire – to report on your municipal floodplain management program and compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Worksheet 4 – Mitigation Action Review Worksheet – to report progress on your municipality’s actions in the 2015 HMP.
  • Worksheet 5 – New Development and Building Permits – to identify the numbers of permits issued in your municipality in each of the last several years, the number of those permits that were for development in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), and any major development or proposed new development.
  • Worksheet 6 – Shelters, Evacuation Routes, Temporary Housing, and Long-Term Housing – to identify evacuation routes, facilities that can be used as emergency shelters, possible locations for placing temporary housing after a disaster, and possible locations for developing new permanent housing for displaced residents.

The worksheets are the same for all participating jurisdictions, EXCEPT FOR WORKSHEET 4. Worksheet 4 is specific to each municipality. You only need to complete your municipality’s Worksheet 4. Please note, the Erie County Water Authority, Village of Farnham, and Town of Wales did not have any jurisdiction-specific actions in the 2015 version of the HMP, so they do not have a Worksheet 4.